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After more than 20 years as Criminal Defence, Wanda Severns has seen the system work for some and not others. The final decision can be impacted by being organized and prepared.

A passion for justice.

The experience that matters.

If you need help, I can work with you as your legal representation in Canada - or- I can coach you and give you some guidance to prepare yourself as self represented or until you get a lawyer.

Time is critical.

Don't wait to get organized.

Right by your side.

Personal service from an experienced attorney.

Whole Law Boutique was founded in 2021 by experienced Defence Counsel, Wanda Severns. Wanda combines her true passion to let her clients’ voices be heard. She speaks English and Spanish and focuses on criminal defence clients.

“Every time I ask myself if I am in the right field, another client gets the result in court that we worked for… and they are able to move forward in life… that is always my goal."

Passionate and reasoned advocacy, with a solid dose of “out of the box thinking”.

Providing solutions for your future

Supporting your path to Justice


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Do you need representation to defend you in criminal court?

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What Our Clients Are Saying

J.B & S.B.B.

Wanda Severns was invaluable in helping us through an extremely difficult time. She walked us through the process the whole time and answered our questions no matter how trivial. Wanda was always responsive and available for any concerns we might have had. She is highly knowledgeable in her field and is an avid advocate for justice. Her compassion for others shines through, and she has more integrity than any other attorney I’ve known or heard of. We greatly appreciate all of her hard work, and we highly recommend Wanda to anyone who requires legal representation. 

James S.

Genuine care and concern for ALL people, a REAL go getter, and just all around top notch human being.Very glad and at peace to know we have a strong powerful leader and role model in the community of law. I truly wish Wanda Severns a great run of success in all endeavors and dreams.

Truly caring and compassionate, and possibly the solution to your legal matters as well as mental health and quality of life while dealing with and within the justice system.A true shoulder for the community.

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