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Wanda M. Severns, MA, LLB

Defence Counsel, Legal Coach & Founder

Whole Law Boutique merges Traditional Law with New Law – our vision is to assist the whole person minus the burdensome constraints of the old bricks and mortar-style practice.

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Whole Law Boutique Mission

Our mission is to advocate for the whole person while representing
you in the legal system.We want you to know that we care – you are not just a file.

We will personally meet with you, and we will hear your story without any judgement.

We will make sure we know what is most important to you, and this will always be at the core of our advice.

We will advise you on all issues touching your case. While we carry the responsibility as legal counsel, our mission is to work WITH you throughout each step of the process.

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Please Call Us At Any Stage
  • Something happens
  • Speak to me before the police speak to you
  • You think you, or someone you know might be charged
  • You or someone else received a request to speak to the police
  • Please call me as soon as you are able
  • You or someone you know has been brought to the police station
  • Speak to me before you speak to police
  • Please … Call me . . .
  • You have already made your first court appearance, and you realize you need help