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I have been silent, but busy over the last few weeks, because I have been working on a passion project with respect to helping people be ready for court, and be in control of their own files – with or without a lawyer.
I believe in advocacy. I believe in access to justice. I believe the best offence and defence is having a lawyer. However, with or without a lawyer, what never changes is the fact that being charged with a criminal offence is life altering and overwhelming. I am developing something to substantially reduce the ‘overwhelming’.
I am excited, and I will be posting soon

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I really want to be that lawyer that people come to see with their problems, and to feel slightly better afterward. My goal and vision is to set a new standard for client-care. My standard is simply this: You will be treated in a way that makes you know that you are important. I will hear you with ‘zero’ judgement. I know that everyone has a story. You will know you are not alone. I am liked by many, and I am disliked by many . . . (I say to the latter, “C’est la vie”)
My New Law – Whole Law concierge-style approach: You will be treated in a way that will make you know that you are more than your problem. You will be advised in a way that will make you believe and know that I will advocate for you, and that I will advocate what is important to you.
I will also be very, very honest with you. I will give you ‘life’ homework 🙂, because part of my pay is knowing that you commit to yourself as a person.
I have years of experience fighting for my clients. I have won many. I have lost some (but, even in the losses, my clients know that I am on their side) I will not ever promise results – because that would be silly. However, . . . .
Testimonial from my young client, Brodie P., who agreed to and wanted to be quoted directly: “She gets shit done” .