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01 What areas of law do Whole Law Boutique cover? We believe that through specialization we are able to provide the most powerful results. We therefore focus on Immigration Law.

02 Who is Whole Law Boutique? Whole Law Boutique was founded by Wanda Severns. After practicing for years in criminal defence, she found her focus shifting to Immigration, as a result of clients who were charged criminally, and therefore faced the possibility of deportation without help. Wanda is a powerful advocate for justice. “You will be treated with respect and zero judgement, though expect her to speak honestly”. Wanda knows that everyone has a story, and that every story is important. You will know that she stands with you.”


Immigration Law FAQ

01 Can I challenge an immigration decision? If Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) does not accept your immigration application, you may have a right to challenge the decision and should seek legal counsel.


02 What are the main categories of immigration application? There are four main categories:

  • Family Class immigrants
  • Skilled Worker Class immigrants
  • Business Class immigrants
  • Refugee claimants

03 What is the usual timescale for an immigration case? i.e., when do we declare it to be stalled?

Expected wait times can fluctuate significantly due to demands on the IRCC but there will be a maximum wait time listed on the website. In recent years, COVID has also slowed applications. You might find this link useful.
COVID updates

04 What does the immigration appeals process look like?
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Criminal Defence FAQ

01 What should you do if you require criminal defence?

we have the experience and confidence you are looking for.


Whole Law Boutique merges Traditional Law with New Law – our vision is to assist the whole person minus the burdensome constraints of the old bricks and mortar-style practice.

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